The name’s Jonah Butler. I am a drummer based in the capital of Virginia, Richmond.
Here I educate and perform. I’m passionate about musical education, performance, transcriptions, the question of how to practice and deciphering Marcus Gilmore licks.

I’m available for recording sessions, gigs (emergency and non-emergency) and lessons. Feel free to contact me.

As for the nature of this site. These pages serve not only as an online portfolio (so browse around and check out the happenings), showcasing some of the projects I’m creating with, but also a blog that will mainly host transcriptions, videos and essays about the playing that inspires me. Drumming is an art of listening and responding and I hope to encourage just as much listening as practicing in the shed, building the muscle memory, speed, timing and chops. Knowing when to respond is equally important as the vocabulary you respond with. I recommend listening to the music that inspires you and find out what those drummers are doing. Write down the phrases, integrate them into your vocabulary and use them during your next jam or performance. Don’t let your learning end here with these posts, but let it be one of the beginnings to your own path in learning and becoming a better player.