The Saucy 16

Recipe for the sauce

So this lesson marks an important beginning. I don’t normally post videos of licks or grooves here, but that’s all about to change! I plan on spending more time documenting little bite size and shareable drum phrases and other ideas I come across in my practice.

Today’s drum lick is a sixteen note fill played in beat groupings of (3) (3) and (2). You may or may not notice the sticking in the picture but it is: rrLRll-KK-LRll. Coordinate and move it around the drums as you see fit. Wherever your playing takes you the better. But this grouping is played twice, creating the (3) and (3). And for the tail, the lick is cut and modified into an 8 note phrase that wraps it all up so nicely with a shimmering bow on top. That looks like this: rrLRl-K-RL.

Tie it all together and voila, you’ve got the sauce!
Download the transcription here: (

Happy drumming,

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