Jordan Rakei – “Add the Bassline” Playthrough

Here’s a new drum play through of one of my favorite tracks right now. Nothing to fancy. No chopping. Just clean, laid back flow and groove. It’s a song by Jordan Rakei. He’s one of major voices in the neo-soul movement right now. If you love pocket grooving and a velvet smooth vocal melodies, this UK based artist needs to be in your ears.

Anyways. Without further ado. Here’s the video. And a quick side note. This is the first video and recording using my new(bought it used but new to me) Sonor Safari kit. Very similar to the Questlove Breakbeat kit that is popping up just about everywhere. Bottom line: the sound coming out of $390 drumset is pretty killer. It’s got a smidge of compression but mostly EQ on this recording. So what you’re hearing is mostly the drums with the track’s clap on the snare.


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