Meshuggah – “Stengah” Drum Transcription

I won’t be too long with this post because the real goods are in the link below. This is one of my favorite Meshuggah tracks off their 2002 album Nothing. It’s got all the polyrhythmic grooving you’ll need this week. This song alone has enough material to digest that it will help with coordination, poly-rhythms and just overall accuracy of playing, since the kick drum placement is crucial to really playing this song accurately (which I’m still working on). All in all Tomas Haake’s playing here is really to be sought after. He mostly sits back in the pocket and lays down the hammer.

One thing I will mention too. There are several sections involving a tom groove. My transcription is mostly for reference, as I really don’t play it precisely how it is written. I recommend coming up with you own while sticking to the 16th note motif that runs through those sections. Linear is key here.

I’ll have a video cover uploaded soon when I can actually play the song to the end. Meanwhile…

Feel free to download the .pdf below and use it freely as you wish! All credit and glory of course to Tomas and Meshuggah. I’m just the messenger.

And if you found yourself here not knowing who or what Meshuggah is or what Stengah is, here’s a video clip to get you up to speed:



Drums – Meshuggah Stengah (This is the transcription link)

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